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About Chamunda Enterprise the Parent company 

From Founder of Chamunda Enterprise
Discover the watch that not only keeps time but carries its own extraordinary story. At Watch Studio, we believe that every tick of a wristwatch marks a moment in history, a memory. Our timepieces are more than elegant accessories; they are the keepers of stories, the symbols of timeless elegance. let your wrist wear a piece of history. Explore the past, embrace the present, and carry the future on your wrist."
Founder (Chamunda Enterprise)
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Chamunda Enterprise

"Timepieces that tell timeless stories, now in your hands."

Chamunda Enterprise Was Formed in the digital age, three friends united by a shared love for wristwatches envisioned a unique platform. They founded “Watch” to redefine wristwatch reselling. Their vision was simple yet profound: focus on the stories behind each watch.

“Watch” wasn’t just about transactions; it was about connections. Sellers shared the histories and memories attached to their watches, making each listing a personal narrative. Buyers, in turn, discovered more than just a timepiece; they found the tales that made these watches truly priceless.

As time passed, “Watch” evolved into a community, a testament to the passion for wristwatches and the stories they carried. It became the go-to destination for those who cherished the stories of timepieces as much as the watches themselves.

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